If asked, most corporate brands will suggest blue for a logo color. It communicates honesty and loyalty. Blue is associated with the sky and water, power and authority. For decades, financial institutions and corporations insisted on blue as a corporate color due to its connections to stability and strength.



Edward Larrabee Barnes ~ 1955



Blue can feel rich and hyptnotic, or it can become banal and invisible, depending on the application. The term “type and blue stripe” is a reference to dull corporate graphics standards that utilized a bar of navy blue on the top or side of a page and white typography set in Helvetica. Alternatively, blue can be surprising when used dramatically and unexpectedly.

blossa tea.jpg

Blossa Tea

Scandinavian Design Group ~ 2016


mariana rio .jpg

Mariana Rio

Today’s Toughts ~ 2014

Art Print


In Western culture, blue is masculine, whereas pink is feminine. Aristocracy is referred to as blue-blooded. However, manual laborers are called blue-collar workers while professionals are white-collar workers. Blue is the color of holiness in Judaism. In Hinduism, blue represents the god Krishna.